help is this legal

I am wondering if it is legal to wire a relay (dpdt) after the spike in order to control 2 valves with one relay?

I think what you can do is take the two black wires from the solenoid to a ground on the breaker panel, and then put each red one on a M+ and M- on the Spike relay. You should check on this though.

What Sanddrag said is what we do each year and it works just fine and has been accepted by judges in the past, in fact it used to be in the manual.

Sanddrag is correct, the solenoids will be wired between the negative lead of the battery and each motor output on the Spike. There is a description in the Tips and Guidelines on this I believe. I think the Spike manual on IFI 's website also disucsses this application.

okay i know that you can do what you decribed but i need to pulse the pneumatic cilinder. So instead of having to spikes i have one with a relay it. The relay controls the first valve and the second is normal just connected the both positives to spike and ground to ground. Every time the spike has any power going through it the relay chages state and switches the first vale to let air though it and when there is no power the first valve doesn’t let air though it. so is this legal

No, it’s not legal.

<R60> The use of additional electronics is intended to allow teams to construct custom circuits for
their ROBOTS. The custom circuits may be used to indirectly affect the robot outputs by
providing enhanced sensor feedback to the Robot Controller to allow it to more effectively
decide how to control the ROBOT. In addition to the required branch power circuit breaker,
smaller value fuses may be incorporated in the custom circuits for additional protection.
<R61> All outputs from the custom circuits must connect to the Robot Controller or to other custom
circuits. If connected to the Robot Controller, they must connect through the analog inputs,
digital I/O, TTL Serial Port, or Program Port only. Custom circuits can not connect to the
Robot Controller through any other ports. Custom circuit outputs can not connect to speed
controllers, relay modules, or pneumatic valves.
The relay is part of a custom circuit, so it can’t be directly inline with the solenoid power.


The Spike is a pair of relays, each independent of the other.

You should be able to do what you want simply by connecting one side of the solenoid to the Spike output and the other side of the solenoid to ground.