HELP: Israeli team Need Batteries for Detroit!


We’re Steampunk 1577 from Israel.
We’ve qualified from the Israeli District, and we are attending Detroit Championship.

Due to safety reasons we’ve a hard time to bring batteries with us to the United States.
We are looking for teams who attend the Championship and can lend us a few, we will be very grateful!

Please contact me here or via PM.
Thank you!

Could you elaborate on the safety concerns? (As we were planning on shipping the batteries with the crate from Israel).

There are some federal regulations you need to follow, as stated in the link: 2019ShippingCrateInstructions

In this document, it appears that shipping batteries is fairly straightforward (at least in my opinion):

It is not mandatory that you ship your batteries with the robot. However, if you choose to ship the 12VDC batteries in the crate with the robot, federal regulations require teams to follow the instructions below:
:black_small_square: Do not leave any batteries mounted on the robot (connected or not).
:black_small_square: Do not ship Lithium Ion Batteries in your crate. For more information, see here:
:black_small_square: Place batteries inside their original box or carton packaging.
:black_small_square: Use styrofoam covering with protective caps to cover the battery terminals.
:black_small_square: Ensure that your batteries won’t roll around your crate during transport. You can use an “inner
battery box” as shown below, or take similar precautions to secure them.
:black_small_square: In the description section of your shipping paperwork, write “NON-SPILLABLE BATTERY INSIDE.
:black_small_square: Attach the proper signage to your crate. Here is the signage that indicates you are shipping the
battery that was included in the 2018 Kit of Parts:
:black_small_square: For any other battery shipped, the team is responsible for getting their own proper signage for
the crate according to the IATA standards

In my opinion, it essentially comes down to properly securing and covering the batteries with a box of sorts/styrofoam and correctly labeling the batteries in the shipping papers. Am I incorrect in my assumption here?

That being said, you have every right to request batteries from U.S. teams (and they should help you); I’m just wondering here for my team as we were/are planning on meeting these standards and shipping the batteries.

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My advice from earlier still stands.

Appreciate all the comments, but we’re specifically looking for teams who can help and lend us batteries for the competition.

מי איפה הקבוצה שלך? אני חושב שהקבוצה שלי יכולה לעזור

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