HELP: Israeli team Need Batteries for Houston!


We’re Steampunk 1577 from Israel.
We have won the Israeli District Championship, and we are attending Houston Championship.
**Due to safety reasons we are not allowed to bring batteries with us to the United States.
We are looking for teams who attend the Championship and can lend us a few, we will be very grateful! **
*International teams get 2 batteries from FIRST, but as you know, it’s not enough.

Please contact me here or via PM.
Thank you!

Congratulations on the win! (Ah, Israel DCMP–the only place where you can call it “nationals” and be right these days.)

Pretty good chance someone can hook you up, but if you feel like controlling your destiny there’s always ordering from AndyMark, bringing some battery cables with you (or just order them too), and then trading for Texas barbecue or team shirts or something else to get rid of them after you’re done playing. I don’t know if it’s live, but usually AndyMark does a free pit delivery option for Championship.

It takes money to buy batteries, but it does ensure you’re going to have brand new ones at your disposal. :slight_smile: