Help just getting the thing to GO!

Do I feel lost? Totally. We’re all sitting here, and we’re trying to hook up the RC to the battery. Everyone is all ’ you shouldn’t connect the RC directly to the battery ’ and to be frank, we’re all just sitting here without an idea between us. Help!

Look at section 3.2 of the Robot Rules, entitled “Wiring the Robot Controls,” and for a quick reference, look at the electrical diagram for the robot.

Basically, connect the battery to the 120 Amp Circuit Breaker, then connect that to a fuse panel, and connect the robot controller to the fuse panel through a 20 Amp auto-resetting breaker.


It won’t hurt anything (except maybe people) to connect anything straight to the battery. If you go through the fuse panel, the voltage drop across any component, motor, whatnot is always twelve volt. Actually, you might hurt the battery if you completely short it, so don’t do that. Otherwise, you’re safe. Early in the electrical phase, the circuit breaker makes a nice switch to turn motors and such on/off.