Help LabView

I’m one of the programmers of a rookie team, who plans on using LabView. During the preseason, I was told that LegoMindstorm NXTg was similar and that if I learned it I would have no trouble with LabView. When we downloaded LabView and opened it up, I realized I had no idea what to do… Does anybody have any ideas or websites that can quickly teach LabView? I can program very well on NXTg, so I need sources that can get me started to learning LabView.

I would recommend spending some time at the National Instruments website. They have many tutorial for those just starting with LabVIEW and FRC. You can find them here:

Another site you can learn alot from is FRC Masteryt found at

Good luck and feel free to post questions when you have specific questions.

I would also suggest you work your way through all the tutorials on the LabVIEW Getting Started Window.