Help---Laptop randomly switching IP address

We have a fairly new Toshiba laptop which has been working out well for us but for one problem. A couple of times a day it seems to randomly change its ip address. Needless to say this causes a total lack of communication with the robot, which is always bad news.
Has anyone else dealt with this?
Some days it never happens, some days it happens multiple times. I live in fear of it happening during the competition.
I’m a Mac guy, so Windows is alien to me and it’s got our programmer baffled.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This sounds like you’re using DHCP to establish an IP for your laptop.

Try following the steps here to establish a static IP for your computer. FIRST may also have a guide on how to do this.

It’s also concievable that your drive station is autoconfiguring your IP. Try setting the station to configure the system manually.

I vote you’re both wrong. I have a feeling that your Toshiba laptop has an extra helpful network setup utility. I don’t have a Toshiba, so I can’t tell you exactly what it is or how it’s working, but I’ll tell you about the super helpful utility on my Lenovo Thinkpad and you can extrapolate from there:

My Thinkpad comes with a utility called Access Connections. This is partly the wireless setup manager, but it really manages all network settings on my laptop. It has various location profiles for each wireless network I connect to, as well as for each wired network. In the advanced options for the location profiles, it has a setting for overriding my current TCP/IP setup. Typically this defaults to forcing DHCP, wiping out any static IP setup I’ve done in the normal fashion. You can set this override to give you a static IP address for that particular network if you want.

So the downside is if you don’t know about it, it seems like your computer is actively working against you to annoy and frustrate you. On the plus side, once you know about it, it makes setting up your laptop for multiple teams and environments pretty easy. I have it set for a static IP when I’m on the robot’s wireless and DHCP if I’m on my home network, etc.

Thanks for the ideas, folks.

We’ll be trying to track it down later this afternoon.

I know we’re not using DHCP, and we are setting a static IP address in the Windows 7 approved manner. Sometimes the address changes from to for no apparent reason.

I don’t know if Toshiba includes a “helpful” utility that could be tripping us up, but we’ll be looking for that too.

No rush, scrimmage isn’t until Saturday and so long as we don’t sleep over the weekend I’m sure we can get it fixed.

Now we’re getting somewhere. The Driver Station software sets the wired interface to 10.xx.yy.5 and the wireless to 10.xx.yy.9

I’m now a little confused by “Needless to say this causes a total lack of communication with the robot, which is always bad news.” Both of those addresses should communicate with the robot just fine.

Well I’m glad we’re getting somewhere.
I’ll check with the software guy tomorrow, today ended up being totally swallowed by hardware issues.

Did you make sure you disconnected from your wireless internet connection?

Under “Change Adapter Settings”
(Start ->> Control Panel ->> View Network Status and Tasks [under Network and Internet] ->> Change Adapter Settings [left side-bar] ),
it is good practice to disable any adapters that are not being used to connect…

i.e. If you wish to connect using wired connection, then disable all but “Local Area Connection”.
Or if you wish to connect using wireless connection, then disable all but “Wireless Network Connection”.

Shortcut for above: right click the internet connection icon (bottom right of desktop) ->> Change Adapter Settings [left side-bar].