HELP! Looking for team 2848 Rangers

Hello, we are team 3158, we are looking for team 2848 Rangers to ask about their butterfly drivetrain. Thanks in advance

2848 is Team Rangers, not All Sparks

Blue allance doesn’t seem to show an All Sparks

2848’s website did not have useful information.

Think they changed it–All Sparks and 2848 rings a bell.

@OP you may want to search this site for “Butterfly drive” or “octocanum” as there were quite a few threads about it some time back.

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This video might help you as well:


Recently changed to Rangers.

Reach out to @Greg_Needel he may have CAD.

Out of curiosity are you still undecided on a drivetrain?

There’s another thread here.

I am no longer with 2848, but here is the CAD of it.

It was a fun drivetrain to design and build, but it takes quite a bit of time. If you are still unsure of your design this late in the season, I would not recommend anything besides a basic kit chassis.


How is your team for Design For Manufacturability (DFM) and Design For Serviceability (DFS)? If you don’t know what these terms mean, you are better off learning about how to design and build this type of drive train in the off-season. My son’s team built such a drive train in 2014. It took 2 poeple 2 hours to install the modules in one side of the chassis. 148 also built such a drive train. We saw them swap a whole module in 2 minutes by removing one bolt.

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