Help! Lost Bill of Lad!!!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday we , team 2554, were shocked to find out that our folder (which contained our 2 bill of lads) was stolen.

Sadly we looked up the rules in the Manual and it says that the bills of lads are NOT replacable!

We are also a rookie team , although this is no excuse, - we need to get 2 new ones!

What do you guys advise us to do? We are in a serious problem and have our backs against the wall at this moment as we are on a strict deadline.

We are going to contact FIRST tomorrow but we wanted to get everyones opinon first before we do so.

Please help

Thanks once again!

I think the best thing you can do is contact FIRST. Also, you may want to contact the company and let them know you have suspicion of theft and tell them to keep an eye out.

But I can’t believe you lost that thing, we had people on guard 24/7…and the thief is incredible for his actions. Who steals things like that?

What is the bill of lad?

The free shipping certificate, essentially.

I think unfortunately you’re probably screwed. Best to contact FIRST though.

if you suspect theft, check every drawer, shelf, and horizontal surface(maybe a vertical or two) in the build area before accusing theft. Once you are sure that you do not have it anymore, contact FIRST.

Contacting a company and letting them know you need a replacement because of potential theft, then finding it 1/2 hour later only to call them back is not fun. Trust me on this. Do one final flip of the build room, then call in the cavalry.

Chris McKenzie

edit: If FIRST remains firm that it is not replaceable, contact your sponsors.

Bill Of Lading. These are what shipping documents are called in the industry. Legally, nothing can be shipped without one.

At the very worst, your team will have to pay for the shipping. It can amount to several hundred dollars. FedEx can give you a quote - a 120 lb robot and a 180 lb crate (they really do weigh that much - bumpers, batteries, and wood…), and save money by not shipping any extra stuff in the crate.

And the lesson learned is…?


The lesson is to secure that stuff early so it doesnt get lost …or stolen
I think we will have to “call in the cavalry” before we can accurately say it was stolen
but we will definitely contact FIRST if we cant find it

Ask every single team parent and mentor if they have them. Check every single team car. Search every cubic inch of your shop and surrouding rooms.

I hope you guys find them, shipping can become expensive very quickly.

I’d also just like to take a moment and commend you, Team 2554. You have a serious problem and are aware of it, but you are also taking responsibility for it. I respect that. Good luck in your search and in exploring your options.


FIRST wont replace our Bill of Lading
what the heck do we do now?

Pay for shipping. Several hundred dollars. Call FedEX to get a quote ASAP, and try to keep the crate + Robot as light as possible. Time is short! The penalty for not shipping on time is complete disqualification, so do NOT miss this one…



I’m not saying your information is incorrect, but you may want to re-check with the person who called FIRST or get in touch with FIRST yourself. I have a hard time believing that FIRST would not replace your Bill of Lading.

I would call FIRST ASAP - (800) 871-8326 - and ask to speak to someone in Team Support. (Tell them Amanda sent you. :)) Explain the situation to them, and find out your options. You need to do this soon, however, to ensure that they can solve the situation for you as quickly as possible.

DON’T pay for something that can probably be solved… it’d be a costly mistake.