Help making the Driver Station run on logon

Hello all!
I am having some issues in trying to make the Driver Station run on the startup of the Driver account. I have tried putting a link to the program in the “Startup” folder running as administrator, and also I have looked at this post:

and followed the instructions (except using program files(x86) because it is a 64-bit computer). This also did not work.

Any ideas of what might be wrong or what we might do to fix this?

Does it do anything when it starts up? black screen?

It loads up windows like normal.

Then somthing in the registry that you edited is wrong is should boot in shell (black screen)

For our team we just imaged it than ran the driver station install/update and it works fine

I mean on a non-classmate computer with the driver station on it. I can’t figure out how to get THAT to start up with only the driver station up.

Have you tried installing the classmate image

On a non-Classmate computer? Perish the thought!

Seriously, don’t try it. The E09 and E11 flash drives are intended only for the E09 and E11 Classmate. There’s a very good chance that using them for anything else will result in a computer that won’t boot.

Isn’t there a rule that says other laptops are allowed to be used in competition as long as they are setup the same way as the classmate so there must be a way to do it

We do it on other laptops just by installing the Driver Station software, not a duplicate of the Classmate operating system and drivers.