Help me change the world one kid at a time.

Help me win $10,000.00 For College. Take 5 Minutes of you time to vote for me in the DR. Pepper tuition giveaway please. I could really use the money.

For the past five years I have been chipping away at a Mechanical Engineering degree two classes at a time. It’s time to lose the chisel and break out the jack hammer. I spend my spare time volunteering through an organization (FIRST) that promotes STEM to high-school students. Help me by giving me the tools I need to finish the job.

I only had 340 Characters.

Florida FIRST Alumni to back you up! Tweeted, and shared on LinkedIn from the alumni, and Google+'d from my personal account.

Just checked delphi for the first time since going to college, saw this thread went to vote. Then I was like “Hey I’ve meet that guy!” Zach Good luck I really hope you win!
(I met you at Alamo last year I was on 2158 at the time my name was Matt)

From all of us who participate in FIRST Robotics, here’s another vote to help you achieve your goal. Good luck and keep it up!

-Kyle Ronsberg,
Captain, FRC Team 2501

Here is another vote! Good luck!!

Michael Wilke
Web designer Team 3926


I voted! Good luck, sir!

From someone who knows that struggle. I voted. Best of luck!

Most of us do. :rolleyes:

I voted as well.