Help me download

OK, I admit. I am retarded;
i THINK I downloaded PB 2.5 but the new if then logic doesn’t work on it and it says blahblah…2.0 beta maybe i missed something but i don’t know. i’m supposed to have stuff done by tomorrow, (meaning i’ll do it tomorrow) so any help or clarification would be incredible.

when i type in:

if time > 30 then time = time - 38
i get the error: “Expected a label” and it highlights ‘time’ (after the word ‘then’) which is what the old logic would expect!!!


if time > 30 then time = time - 38

I see your problem. if the time is 31, then it subtracts 38. The basic stamp can’t do negative numbers. to fix it, then change the 30 to 38

sorry, i misprinted in the post. it was:
if time = 38 then time = time - 38

however my error was not including:
’ {$PBASIC 2.5}

thanks anywayzzz…