Help Me Find this Crimper on Digi-Key?

So it’s the crimper that REV recommends for fixing NEO encoder cable:
Can someone help me find something similar on Digi-Key, I’m not really sure what to filter by and etc. I’m trying to use the Digi-Key voucher on it and save some money so hoping I can get it from there. Thanks!

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That looks like an inexpensive Chinese-ish model. I doubt Digikey sells them. Do you know the part number for the pins? Look that up on Digikey and they will show you the related tooling (on the lower left I think). Really good crimpers (made of precision tool steel etc) are typically several hundred dollars. But they last forever!

Oh didn’t think of that, REV also posted the crimp connectors that come from Digi-Key, lemme try. thanks!

The IWISS that REV has recommended is one of the better second-tier brands of tools like this.

The Manufacturing Department where I work now uses the crimpers recommended by the connector manufacturers. They are typically in the range of $500 to $1000. They are expected to be good for several thousand robots worth of crimps.

Why so much money :frowning: thanks though

As @wireties stated, higher precision, better materials. Those manufacturers also spend many, many engineering hours to get the design of those tools right and to make them durable. They also have to develop the tools to manufacture the tools. A standard charge rate for engineering time is easily over $100 USD/hour. They probalby sell far fewer than the knock offs so they won’t get the economies of scale. Those prices are in line with the low volume parts I use at work.

Go to DigiKey and look at the connector that REV is recommending and look at the price per piece for 1 piece, 10 pieces, 100 pieces, 1000 pieces etc. Sometimes, I can pay less to buy twice as many parts…

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I have used the crimpers that are suggested. Would definitely recommend buying them. They work for lots of connectors and create solid crimps.

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