Help Me Identify this Sensor!

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I figured somebody here would be able to help me out.

I am designing and building an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) for my Intro to Ocean Engineering class at Florida Tech. I am developing an inertial navigation system that uses an accelerometer in conjunction with a yaw rate sensor to keep the AUV moving in a straight line across a swimming pool (our assignment). I picked up this yaw rate sensor from a nearby robotics team’s shop a few months ago:

However, it has absolutely no markings whatsoever to indicate the manufacturer or serial number. I am pretty sure it was part of the FIRST Kit of Parts at one time… but after searching through the old KOP lists that FIRST has archived on their website, I still could not positively identify the sensor. I need to know the manufacturer/serial number because I need the datasheet for programming purposes.

Does anyone recognize it? Does anyone have a link to the datasheet?

Thanks in advance.

– Jaine

Looks like one of the early Yaw Rate Sensors.

Will look for the data sheet; I think it has been about six years since we used that part.

[edit] BEI Systron Donner, maybe? [/edit]

Happen to have one sitting on my desk with the original sticker still on it :] , it is a BEI GyroChip (Systron Donner) Angular rate sensor

data sheet coming soon… Pat wins ///

Yup, that’s the BEI GyroChip. The datasheet is posted in this post:

Thank you so much, guys! I knew someone here would recognize it. This is very, very helpful. :slight_smile:

Does CD have a lost and found forum? A robotics team near Melbourne called me and said they are missing a BEI gyrochip that they got in the KOP a few years ago. It’s as if someone just picked it up from their team’s shop a few months ago and walked off with it :wink: