Help me name a part?

So I need a part that essentially a coupler between two axels, but it can freespin in the middle instead of being locked. Does this part exist?

I’m not sure if I fully understand the part you’re describing, I interpret the question as you would like some object to spin around a shaft, but not have torque transmitted through the shaft into whatever’s in the middle. If you’d like for something to freespin between 2 axels, you could use bearings to have an object “locked” from translating, whilst being able to freespin. This is more of an assembly than a single “part.”

I highly recommend the Rev Ion build system guide to learn more about mechanisms like this specifically in FRC, they also sell Pivot Joints which might be what you’re looking for.

Split or spread axle, maybe?

Are you describing where one axle can spin, the other is locked, but you can still move thrust loads through it? As in similar to the couplers between a pneumatic cylinder and a shifting gearbox?

Are you looking to do something similar to this thread?

Ive done this before, Just find a pipe size with the correct ID for a bearing with your choice of ID. Press your bearing in on each end of the pipe and you have what you’re looking for. McMaster-Carr

Hey all! Thanks for the help. The solution I settled on was closest to Dillian424’s, which was to fill a tube with bearings. However, upon futher consideration, I decided to alter the mechanism sothat part will no longer necessary.

I came across the need for such a part while playing with a differential swerve design I started…