!!help me plz!!

so today i was refilling my houses diesel fuel tank manualy becuase the order unfortunately didnt come in… soo when i was doing the task, the nosel to the portable tank fell into the diesel fuel tank for my house heater… is that bad??? or will the tank and my house be ok?? its an under ground tank

This is not my field of expertise, or even knowledge but I guarantee you’ll get more answers if you change your thread title to something more specific, i.e.:

“[Help Needed] Accidentally got different diesel in house heater.”

Im pretty sure that everything will be okay as long as the nozzle does not get clogged into a smaller pipe…

Id probably contact the company that usually delivers your diesel…

they could probably give you a much better answer.

ya I would definately contact the company to ask for there expertise on the situation.

It shouldn’t cause a fire or anything of the sort…so thats good. However as said above, there is a chance of clogging. If you REALLY don’t want to call for help, you could try and find a schematic to see how big the inlet pipe is for your house and get an idea of how the two parts might interact. But as said above, call the company that made the heater.