help me plz


we have connected the camera correctly and when we downloaded the kevin’s program " Version 2.1 of the “bells and whistles"to the RC. it wrote in the terminal window” camera not detected" or something like that. it is the first time we try to use this code. we connected the rc to oi by radio . i also have changed in the file “tracking.h” the pwms and also copied our Default_Routine in user_routines.c.

what we did wrong??
or what we have to change to make the camera work?

tnx for your help!!!


How did you connect it?
Are you sure the camera is getting power? Are the little LEDs lighting up?

Hmm…why did you double post?
Anyway my response is on your other thread:

Check your TTL and connections.

yes I will check the TTL but also I Want to ask you what I have exactly to change to make the robot moves towards the green light except the tracking pwms and why wheN I am moving the joysticks nothing happens with kevin’s code ??

Well let’s see, first, Kevin’s code does not call the ifirobotics routine, Default_Routine, in which the joystick to chassis pwm connection is made. He only wants to demo the camera capabilities and not let your 'bot run wild :cool:

To track the light, we decided to let the driver have a switch (the trigger on our single joystick) when he (or she) holds it, he has control of the y or forward motion. We use the camera servo position data, so nicely packaged by Kevin, and a PID control function to control the x or side-side motion. I’ll leave the details of that to you :wink:

You claim that your camera is connected properly, but the error message says it’s not. Does the camera have power? The green light should be on. Is it getting data? The red light should flicker slightly.

We can’t tell you what “exactly to change”, because we don’t know anything about your robot. It also isn’t fair – either to us or to you – for us to do your work for you.

The reason none of the joysticks do anything in Kevin’s camera code is because he has disabled the call to Default_Routine(). That’s the function in the default code which copies joystick values to motor outputs. It conflicts with the servo tracking outputs, so before you put it back in, you’ll have to change it to match how your robot is wired and avoid setting the camera servo pwm outputs.