Help me test scoring software?

I’m putting out an open invitation to everyone to help me test the web-based scoring program.
You can find it at
Login with test / test
Any bugs you find, or suggestions you have can be posted to the Bug Reports link you will see on the far left.

The rankings list will look better once I finish the java applet for it :slight_smile:

Thanks for anyone who tests it :slight_smile:

Edit: By no means is this anywhere close to official, but from what I hear… the official stuff is an excel spreadsheet

The official for Wisconsin last year was all web based. It was slow and a pain.
We are working on creating another one that is sort of like yours but has the option to add Technical, Teamwork, and Research Presentation points in also.
Yours works great for matches. I found no errors

How are those included anyway? I haven’t really been able to find a decent copy of the rules… and have had to figure them out from a number of sources

Edit: A link to some better scoring info would work too… currently all I have to work off of is the missions list on the fll website

It is:
Research Presentation 25%
Teamwork 25%
Robot Performance 25%
Technical 25%

This all together determines the Director’s Award

If you are looking for more information reference page 2 and 64 of the Green “No Limits” rules manual

Is that manual online somewhere? I can’t seem to find it on the lego league site or the FIRST site… Is this something the teams got? If so, its not really that big a problem, as I can go see it tuesday