Help me win $7000 CDN for a rookie FIRST team

If you consider this spam please feel free to delete this post

The Edge 102.1 a radio station in Toronto is having a facebook contest to see who can create the best group and get the most friends to join. The winner will recieve $7000.
So I created a group to give it a try. If I win I will donate the money to a **rookie team **in the GTA to help them get started in FIRST. I have not picked a team yet since I don’t have the money also I don’t know what teams are joining next season.
link to facebook group

Vince Lau
Mentor FRC 1281 and FRC 849

Joined, inviting people.

Sounds like a worthy cause; I’ll help :slight_smile:


If you win this will help a rookie team greatly. Joined.

It was spam until you mentioned for a new FIRST team.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

I saw this post, then I looked at Facebook and I already had an invitation from Joe. That was scary fast.

Joined :slight_smile: Hope your plan goes through.

thanks for editing the title

joined :smiley:

figured id start using face book eventually… this is a great way to start. :rolleyes:

good luck


What can I say Tom, I’m an engineer, I’m effecient. :stuck_out_tongue:


Classic engineer…cant even spell :stuck_out_tongue:

Spell, we’re supposed to be able to spell!? I joined:D


Joined and sent invites to everyone who hadn’t already joined / invited by Joe (aka random people who might not even know what FIRST is).

Half the joke. :cool:



I joined and invited the people who weren’t already invited. Good luck!

Saw this in my mini-feed and joined. Good luck Vince.

Of all the 102.1 groups on my group list, you’re second with 140 members after someone with 165.