Help me with a FIRST project... who has a magazine that has anythign about FIRST?

MY next speech for Public Speaking is a research thing and i thought to do FIRST since we all love it so much :stuck_out_tongue: . but i need 4 magazine articles, i have already printed out the other one within this thread grouping. please send me a PM if you have one.


Dig deep enough in the CD archives and you find some amazing stuff…

The "04 September, October and November, issues of SERVO magazine have articles about FIRST written by FIRST team members. The December issue will as well.


September 2002 issue of YM magazine, but keep in mind the general audience is middle school girls.

Linked above… :slight_smile:

There was just a 6 or 7 page article on Dean Kamen and FIRST in Popular Science June 2009 issue, entitled “An Army of One Mind”, pp. 54-59, 85-87.

Here’s the online version:

Glad to help. :smiley:


Check the date on the original post. :slight_smile:

Today’s Machining World, July 2007

Article attached

TMW_Article.pdf (1.35 MB)

TMW_Article.pdf (1.35 MB)


Alex asked this question in 2004, five years ago. We’re confident that project was turned in already. :rolleyes:

We have all posted an answer to a thread that was several years old, but after a few times we learn to check the date first. I have even given positive feedback on old posts, with the writer coming back to me saying’ gee, I had forgotten about that post". It happens. We learn.