[Help] Mecanum Drive Program

Hello, My Name is valery and I’m from team 2669, Kiryat Yam, Israel.
We decided to use mecanum wheels, and I thought I made a pretty good program for that, but today I tried it, and the robot always drove straight, I have no idea why.

this is my vi :

is it ok?
the indicators are going to a holonomic drive vi

one more thing, We’re not sure how to put the wheels, I saw so many variations that got me confused.
can someone give me a picture to help me ?

thanks, valery

I don’t recognize those icons, but I’ll give what suggestions I can.

It’s possible that your rectangular-to-polar conversion gives its output angle in radians, while the mecanum drive wants it in degrees. This would make you always travel within a few degrees of straight forward/reverse.

Mecanum wheels need to be set up so that you can not grab the robot and spin it easily by hand. The contact between the rollers and the floor should make an “O” or diamond shape. (If instead it’s in an “X” shape, the robot won’t be able to turn very well under its own power.)

Do you see the diamond shape when viewed from the top or bottom.

Does anyone know why does the robot has more trouble turning when the wheels are “X”?