Help Michigan-3D print Face Shields

Like a lot of areas, Michigan has been hit hard by the pandemic. We have had people from numerous departments, from emts and first responders to hospital workers reach out to us asking for help. If you have access to a 3d printer and are in the area please help. My email can be found in the attached letter as well as a link to our Facebook page which explains a little better what we are doing.

Chief Delphi Covid-19 Letter.pdf (203.6 KB)

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Dear FIRST teams in Michigan,

Due to recent events regarding Covid-19, our team and other members of our
school district are working to 3D-print headbands for face shields, and then
dropping them off at designated spots. Students have been printing these in
packs of 10 and putting them in ziploc bags for delivery. Information can be
found on our pinned Facebook post here:

During times like these, it’s important that we help out the community when
possible. If you or someone you know is able to help, please take action or
reach out to them. Look into local drop-off sites and emergency managers,
and if your team can help, please do so. You are making a difference.

The file can be found here (Visor Frame North America Letter V3):…/protective-visor-by-3dverkstan/

Some drop-off sites in Michigan can be found here:


Dropped off at the 3539 Practice Field - 106 Mclean Drive, Bruce Twp. MI
OR mailed to 366 Salem Drive South, Romeo MI 48065.

Thank you,
FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3539, Byting Bulldogs

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Thank you!

In an effort to make our system a little more organized we have created a discord so people that are printing can get updates on our progress and be able to get connected with the right people to answer their questions whether it be 3d printing related or where to ship/drop-off their materials or their head bands.

Join Link:

Youmagine link is down for me - Github mirror of 3dverkestan source:

“Visor Frame North America Letter V3”

The west side of the state (Muskegon/Holland) has options for this print as well through

Just register your printer and begin printing the files they send through email. Fill out an online form and drop off your prints when complete. Our team has printed a few hundred visors and masks in just a few days and hope to continue current output just in case they are needed. Files are updated and information is sent out in case there are any updates or issues with materials.

Drop off locations are downtown Muskegon at Boomtown Market and in Holland at Hybrid Machining. You can also ship your printed parts if needed.

Anyone know where to source the clear plastic face mask portion of these face shields?

My sister is a nurse and just got assigned to the COVID-19 unit

Not sure which design you’re speaking of, but I’ve seen a few options used in different designs:

  • 0.030" polycarbonate (and I think I read PETG)
  • Transparency film
  • Sheet protectors (which is what the Youmagine design suggests)

We’re not rating for impact here, so the answer is probably “use your best engineering judgment for what is available and can be fabricated”. Fingers crossed for your sister.

Pet or petg is the most common film in scaled sf bay area designs.

Transparencies and clear page protectors work in a pinch.

Congratulations on making it into Episode 2 og John Krasinski’s “Some Good News”!

Great job, Byting Bulldogs and other teams helping with PPE!


Thank you. Super cool!!

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