HELP... Midwest Regional 2022

We need your help!
We are team 5553 Robo’Lyon from France.
We are participating in the Midwest Regional for the first time this year. As we are from France, we need to send our robot to Chicago before going there ourselves.
We would like to know if a team close to Chicago could receive the crate with our robot.
There woulddn’t be any cost for you if you can help us, any charges will be taken care of by us and our transporter.
If you are willing tho help us, you can contact us by email at
We would need a contact person (email adress and phone number), the adress where to send the robot and the date and time during wich you can receive it, and a Tax ID number for customs.
Thank you so much for your help !

I suggest you speak with the director of the Midwest Regional or with FIRST team support immediately. They may be able to provide specific advice based on other teams that have done this before. They may already know of a place that can receive the shipment and store the robot before the event. There isn’t much time to organize the shipment and prepare for possible administrative delays.

For a shipment that is not travelling with you on your flight, you should be aware that someone will need to be ready to speak with the customs officer, and they may need to have paperwork describing the shipment as temporary importation. The shipper may be willing to do this, for a brokerage fee, but you should arrange it in advance. The recipient almost certainly won’t be able to help with this.

Thanks so much for your response.
We already contacted him but he never replied and we have been told that there is nothing arranged centrally and that we should ask to another team participating to the competition.
So we are sorry to bother you with this but we really need help.
By the way, all formalities and paperwork are done, we justneed now a shipping adress and a contact.


@Al_Skierkiewicz might be able to help you get in touch with a team in the area!

FRC 5847 Ironclad sent you an email.

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I forwarded your request through the Regional Director to the event staff. Normally teams ship directly to the venue. You should hear something soon. Let me know if you haven’t heard anything tomorrow. We are looking forward to you coming to Chicago. I hope you will have a little extra time to visit some of the museums in town.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

We got an answer from our hotel today and our robot will be able to be delivered there safely before the regional. We’ll not be staying too far from the venue so we’ll bring it with us from there. Thank you so much for your help and support. We are really looking forward to competing in Chicago and hopefully visit a little after. We hope to meet you at the competition in a few weeks.

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Thank you all for your answers and help! We were able to find a solution.
We look forward to seeing you all at Midwest!

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Eric, Has the event committee contacted you?

Al, not yet.
But, we found another solution with our Hotel, and team 5847 Ironclad is taking care of our crated robot at the end of the competition.
Thank you for your concern

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