Help, Missing Team Mascot on Einstein Field

Hi All,

Just came back from a Fabulous Trip to this years Championship Event. We had a blast in the Newton division and earned enough QP to earn us a spot in the elimination rounds. Although we didn’t get past the Quarterfinals, we truly enjoyed the competition and made a lot of new friends!

With that said and done, could anyone please help us? We seemed to have lost our mascot on the Einstein Field on Friday. If I’m not mistaken our partner at the time was team 279 (Do you guys remember seeing it?). Basically we lost a small Disney Tigger which we use as our Team Mascot when playing (Team 368 McKinley Tigers). In this match we basically lost because we scored a little too much for our oponents. After the match as we left the field, the team realized that one of our Tiggers were missing. When we went to look for it, it was gone.

I realize that the small Tigger isn’t worth that much, but for our team it has sentimental value and if possible, we would really like to get him back.

In reviewing our Video, we can clearly see that we had him on Eienstein. If anyone found it, or somehow ended up with him, we certainly would appreciate being contacted.

Otherwise, thanks to all for a great experience.