Help!! Moderating Turns in OI

We can make a tank turn, but we want to turn smoothly with both motors going forward in a desired speed. :confused: If anyone can help us, please reply to this thread! :smiley:

PS: Weโ€™re using EasyCpro :slight_smile:

Can you describe your problem in a little more detail?

  1. What sort of drive train are you using? 2WD? 4WD? 1 transmission per 2 wheels on each side?
  2. When you say you can turn, do you mean one side drives forward while the other side reverses? Or when you are attempting a forward turn, does one side lock up?
  3. Is it hopping? Skipping?
  4. What kind of wheels are you using?
  5. What is the surface you are testing on?
  6. Is your robot at full competition weight?

You get the idea? Without actually being there, you have to provide as much information as possible so that the geniuses here can help you out :slight_smile:

If you mean you want both sides of the robot to move at the same rate without a large amount of driver micromanagement then you should probably use encoders on your wheels and then use a PID loop to keep the wheels turning the same speed. There are many helpful white papers on PID loops. If you still need help after reading those Iโ€™ll hook you up with my teams programmer.