Help MORT win $50,000 from Clorox!

MORT is a nominee in The Clorox Company’s Power a Bright Future grant program, and needs you to help us win funding for the Mount Olive Robotics Team. From Oct. 24, 2011 through Dec. 9, 2011, you have the opportunity to vote online at or via text once a day for our program. The program that receives the highest number of votes will be awarded the $50,000 grand-prize grant, and the next top vote-getters in the Play, Create and Explore categories respectively will each be awarded a $25,000 grant. We need the help of everyone on Chief Delphi to win! Even voting once is a great help, and thank you so much for helping out Team 11.

I hope you’ll take a minute to vote for our program twice each day. Here’s how (note that the online system is experiencing problems, texting is the easier of the two options) :

  1.   Text to vote**

• To vote for MORT text clorox1919 to 44144
• Vote one time every day!
• Spread the word!
**Msg and Data Rates May Apply.

  1.   Vote online 

• Log on to
• Vote one time every day!
• Spread the word!

Thank you for taking the time to help us out!
MORT team 11


3rd place go go go

I voted online and by text!

Mort is a great team and I am really hoping they end up on top.

Texted in my vote.


Vote for 11 and check out to find out what these guys are doing not only for FIRST but STEM education around the country and around the world!

Make sure you vote once a day.

Let’s help MORT out and push FIRST into a national spotlight!


Voted x2.
MORT is now 18th in the Explore category. The #1 project has nearly 10x the amount of votes. Let’s kick this into gear!

Voted three times thus far, I <3 MORT.

Make sure you vote TWICE a day!

You are allowed to vote by text: Text clorox1919 to 44144

And you can vote a second time each day online at:

Right now MORT is way behind. Please keep voting so we can spotlight a FIRST team as the winner!

voted again for the 4th time. Bump for a great team.

Thank you everyone for your votes! We are moving up in the rankings with your help. The website now seems to be functioning properly, and if it does not register you on the first try, enter your information again and it should take your registration. Keep on voting and lets win this!

Voted! Hopefully more fo the CD community sees this and votes.

Good luck!

Voted. I would love to see a FIRST team win this! ::safety::


I just voted for your team in the Subway contest. Good Luck!

No idea how the group in first place has almost 2500 votes.

Keep voting please! :slight_smile:

For some reason it shows over 1K votes for MORT then when I refresh it shows somewhere around 800. Did that happen for anyone else? Database error?

Keep voting, twice a day!


Good luck guys! <3 Team 11.

Yeah, happen to me too. Then later it changed to 640 votes, then back to 800. Earlier it was almost 1200. The number of votes for the leaders changed too. This happened yesterday also. Later in the day it went back to the higher totals. Weird.

Technical problems have been fixed.

Please vote twice a day!

Text clorox1919 to 44144


vote online at