Help my 3DS is acting screwy!

First off my morph material only morphs half of my pictures on the light up glass staircase I’m making. Also when i try to import my already ridged character into a different file the program goes “BLAH! SCREW YOU MAN!!” and sends my character vertices all over so the final product looks like spaghetti. Then i tried the other way around and the same thing happens but only with the sage. Also my character hair wont stay on his head and when ever he bends his knees it looks like he has ridiculously massive quads. :ahh:

All this manly showed up tonight. I don’t know why. (at least the lyp synch is really good)

Instead of importing, try the “merge” function. I don’t know why, but the almost never screws stuff up. as per your other problems, ill have to take a better look later when i hae more time. TTYL