Help my daughter with a Stats class project?

My daughter has a Stats class project that she is asking the FIRST community to help out with to get replies from as many as possible (something about a contest in her class for most replies…I think). She is not a current Robotics team member (seriously, who can pass up being on the school sanctioned competition League of Legends team?), but has been dragged around to many events through her school (and my FTA) career. She has tried to formulate questions and answers that at least are pertaining to FRC, so I agreed to post here and see what comes of it.

Google Forms link:

Can anyone help her out for me? I’ll give a hearty THANKS! if you are at an event that I am FTA’ing for her.



CD does a good job of filling my salt quota, I think I could take on another.

Just submitted, may want to turn off multiple responses so nobody gets the bright idea to spam bad data in.


Just gave her a heads up on that. Thanks for the suggestion.


From my daughter this morning - “A VERY big thank you to all that answered my survey. The number of responses blew away anything that the rest of the class was able to manage in the first couple of days. Now I understand better when he refers to his FIRST Family. You guys are AWESOME!!!”

She did her report yesterday, but can still change out the graphs and raw numbers before it is due on Wednesday if anyone that hasn’t filled it out is able to.

As a bonus, her stats/geomtery/calculus teacher has expressed interest in helping out with the FRC team.

Thanks for helping her out!


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