HELP! Need Equivalent Product Suggestion ASAP

I coach an FTC team and we have been loaned wheels by a local FRC team and they need them back… No problem. We’ll just go buy some…

Except they are out of stock on AndyMark and we compete in 13 days. We need these wheels. And FRC needs them back for testing.

They are the AndyMark 6in SR Mecanum Wheels. We need four of them ASAP. Or if anyone has any that we could buy from you… I’m open to that too.

Our entire autonomous program will be gone if we lose these wheels. We will have to go through a complete redesign and a bid to State is on the line for us. Please help!!!

6" Mecanum wheels from VexPro should be a reasonable replacement for the AndyMark wheels. There may be other options, but these might be something you could buy and loan back to the FRC team. The bolt hole pattern is the same, but the hole size is smaller on the VexPro wheels (# 8 vs # 10).

These would work, but they are missing the bearings that make the SR so smooth. The bearings are really what changed the game for us when it comes to auto and end game.

Thank you so much though! We will keep these in mind.

I am not sure how you have the loan program, but they might be able to do their testing with the VexPro wheels. If they need ones just like the 6" SR Mecanums then yeah I can see that the VexPro ones wont work exactly. Someone else on here may know of another set of mecanums that matches AndyMark’s better than VexPro’s do.

Good luck at competition!

This might work but if they decide to go with mecanum, we would have to turn around and rebuy the AndyMark ones… We just don’t have the budget :frowning: thank you and good luck to you too!

UPDATE: After sending out about a trillion emails to all our friends and posting here, we have found a set! Thank you to anyone who offered assistance.