Help Needed Constructing 2023 Game Elements

Hey all! I am an engineer from team 9150, out of NC. We are looking at building some of the game elements leading up to our state level competition but I have not been able to find a list of materials to construct them. We are looking at building an end grid , half charge station, and double substation elements. I have already found the blueprints for constructing all three. Does anyone have any tips for where to look?

For our double substation, we simply put a table on wooden blocks until it was roughly the correct height (we didn’t see any benefit to having the sliding mechanism).

For the charge station, the official construction guide has all the needed parts listed on the first page:

For the grid, we built ours using leftover 4x4, wood panel and metal pipe from last year’s game elements. We built it using the dimensions found on pages 25-27 of the rulebook:

Hope this helps!

All the team versions are here:

Check the readme docs for each piece to see the bill of materials.

Also, beware that the team version of the charge station does not really behave like the real charge station. You’ll want to test your balance, etc once you get to the state competition and make sure your stuff works! :slight_smile: