Help needed for re-partitioning the Classmate Netbook

I need help, I re-imaged the classmate net book but don’t know how to partition it for the 5gbs. Was I supposes to partition the classmate before updating it? How many gbs should the net book have total? Any help would be nice, we are a fairly new team.
Sincerely, Team 3226

Did you look here?

Thanks for responding, yes I read that. However, I did not know about it until after I updated the classmate because I was unaware that we needed more memory. As a result, the hard drive for the notebook says I only have about 10 gbs of memory stating that I only have .98 gbs free left. Is that normal? The problem is that I want to run Windriver on this, including the updates, and I need more memory space in order to install it.
Sincerely, Team 3226

I really could not say. We are using a separate computer for development so we had no need to optimize our drive space on the driver’s station.

Good luck…

Yes that is normal, if you did not follow the procedure that Mike linked. The easiest way to fix it would be to re-image again after completing the procedure.

Ok, thanks for your consideration. If someone could tell me the maximum space on this netbook, that would be great.

ok, I tried re-imaging it again just like Mr. Ross said using the, “Procedure for recovering unused space on the 2010/2011 Classmate hard drive,” and the, “How to Set Up Your 2011 Driver Station.”

2. Turn off netbook, plug USB Restoration Key
3. Turn on, pres F11 repeadetly when the “2GO” logo appears
4. A screen appears with the choices
“HDD:PM-SanDisk pSSd 16GB
USB: Generic- Multi Card
Network: Realtek Boot Agent”
5. I move and choose “USB: Generic- Multi Card” because that’s what it says to do in, “How to Set Up Your 2011 Driver Station.”
6. Screen shows the Windows 7 green loading bar, then it turns black.
7.Returns to log in screen.
8. I check the memory space- still the same as I left it.
9. Still confused because I don’t understand

Any help is helpful. haha

Did you download the new replacement AUTOINSTALL.CMD and DISKPARTSCRIPT.TXT files and copy them to the USB key between your steps 1 and 2?

Yes i did. What I did was that I extracted that zip file from another computer, renamed them then copied them onto the restoration key. From the restoration key I saved the files onto the desktop of the net book. Then I resume with step 2. Thanks for responding, by the way.

the classmate HD isn’t very big in the 1st place, i would recommend getting another laptop for development. we do it that way. it makes it much easier to see what you doing and reduces compile time. you can use it the same way as the classmate, but faster and easier.

other than that, i don’t know what will solve the issue.