Help Needed for school presentation

To everybody:
I have recently made contact with a charter school in the Warren, Michigan area who is interested in starting a team for the 2006 season. I am looking for any videos, etc that anyone in the area may have that I can get a copy of or borrow for presentation to the PTA, school board, etc. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have anything that I can get. I am willing to come and pick it up if you are in the immediate area, however, if you can send it to me, that would be preferred. Thanks! (2004 season only)


would any videos from any teams work? theres a few floating around on the internet. we have one on our website…

I was looking around one of our animation computers for some files for a website I’m designing for a class and came across a video from 1992 that was similair to the special on Discovrey Science. It’s rather big so I have no idea how to transfer it off of the computer.