Help needed in autonomous programming for hybrid mode

This is our first year entering in FIRST Robotics as well as our first post here on the website…:slight_smile: Is there anyone who give us help through post or pm, we’rehaving trouble with our autonomous programming in hybrid mode. :smiley: any pointers, or additional help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank You!!!

There are plenty of people here that can help you out. Can you be a little more specific with your problem?

  1. What programming environment are you using? EasyC? MPLab?
  2. Are you having trouble getting it to do anything? Or just not behaving as expected? What are you trying to do in autonomous?
  3. Do you know how to get your robot into autonomous mode?

since this is our first year we are using EasyC our problem particulary in the hybrid mode were we have to program a device of some form for the robotcoach to use (any ideas or help?) also this is a very rookie mistake that were having trouble when we set the robot how to get it into the diferent faces(initializ…)

Make sure to go through the tutorials in EasyC. They will teach you a lot about how to program your robot for the various modes.

When testing autonomous/hybrid you should make a competition port dongle. It plugs into the competition port of your OI. It should have two switches Enable/Disable and Manual/Autonomous. Here is the pinout:

You only need SW1 and SW2. In general it is good to have this because turning on the robot will sometimes have very unpredictable results. Being able to quickly disable it is always a good idea. You can also simply unpower your O/I, but you still need a dongle to call Autonomous/Hybrid.

If you don’t feel you can make your own dongle, AndyMark sells cool ones:

Now for hybrid you can use the IR sensor board that was sent to you prior to kickoff. That connects to your robot. You can use any regular old remote control to program and send signals to the IR receiver. Take a look at these documents.

Essentially you can use the TV remote to send a signal to your IR receiver which can then signal your RC at one of your digital IO ports. Again, look closely at the EasyC tutorials on how to program your robot to handle this.