HELP NEEDED!!! Shifting Gearbox needed in Michigan

Hello all,

Team 4004 in Muskegon is in need of a shifting gearbox for our shooter. If any teams in west michigan or michigan in general(we would be happy to drive) have one that we could have that would be great. We would be more than happy to pay for it, or give you the new one we ordered once it arrives.

Thank you!

We don’t have any spares (first time we’ve been able to afford shifters) and I can’t think of a nearby team that has used them outside of reaching out to Grand Rapids or Holland/Zeeland teams. Have one of the Mikes send me an email and we can all see if maybe we can come up with another solution. We will be working in our shop with the Whitehall rookie team starting at noon, I’ll check my email often.

Mike G is [email protected] . We’re at the shop now until whenever. Thanks for helping Andy.