Greeting from Rookie team 6171! We are building our robot for this year’s Stronghold theme and we plan on going with a dual or quad flywheel idea to launch a ball into a hole. We need some help determining the angle to shoot from given a constant velocity and RPM (for each flywheel). Any help is much appreciated as this is our first year doing this. Thank you!

The work we have so far is attached to this thread :slight_smile:
Most of the information can also be found on this closed thread



This white paper by Ether includes Magnus effects, which are often important in the design of spinning-wheel type ball shooters.

yes sir! credit was goven in my post ^^^ :smiley:

here is what I can give you, this these spread sheets are made to do a couple different things

this first one has 3 sheets

sheet 1: given a launch angle and velocity the sheet outputs the flight path of the ball, you can play around with things here to get what you want, does not include drag
sheet 2: you tell this sheet a launch angle and a target height and it outputs the required launch velocity for a bunch of different distances.
sheet 3: this one does the same thing as sheet 2 but it accounts for drag

second set also has 2 sheets, but only the first one applies to your problem

here you input launch angle and launch velocity and it outputs the path of a projectile, however this one accounts for drag. note this one is a work in progress, I cannot 100% guarantee it’s accuracy, but I know it is close, and also the calculations for max height, time in air, and final x position are not currently working, but the trajectory calculator is

Thank you, Blake. That was my reason for linking to Ether’s 2012 white paper.

@Matt: I apologize for my sloppy communication. You credited earlier work perfectly; I was only pointing out some nicely presented physics from Ether.