Help Needed.

Hello and thank you for looking at this thread. I am trying to get a couple of FLL teams started in New York and would appreciate it if anyone could tell me about how they got started, what kind of budget and fundraising they have, and/or if they know of any sponsors who would be willing to support these teams. Also any information about the programming in FLL will be greatly appreciated.

-Thank You

First thing to do to get started is check out FIRST’s site-
How to Start an FLL Team

As for budget, I don’t think you’ll need more than 700-800 dollars.
Good luck!:]

You can check out the NYC NJ FIRST website as well.

Mort’s estimate on budget is right on…

Last year we were more affiliated with the elementary school, and we sold bake goods at the various after school gatherings, as long as soliciting support from our local businesses.

This year, the three coaches all had kids that moved to middle school, so we made up the team from our siblings, and were less motivated to do fund raising,
so we split the costs 4 ways and the families paid.

Edit: Forgot, also check out the unofficial coaches manual from FLL-Freak’s website, it is packed full of excellent first hand suggestions.

Good Luck!