Help! NJ Regional Lost Items

One of our coaches lost her purse at the Sovergin Bank Arena today. If anyone on your team found a purse, please post here or see team 88 in the pits.

It is a small brown leather purse and the owner’s first name is Leigh.

Team 88

We found it and turn it into the admin desk- everyone from your team was gone.

Thanks so much. She is very relieved!!!

I also lost a jacket. It was a black jacket that was not very thick. I think it’s brand was Dockers. It was left on a table near Team 694’s pit area.

One of the members of 1155 also lost a Blue and grey XXL Columbia jacket on thursday. We think a member of team 1086 or a guest of theirs may have it because we found an unclamed jacket of the same model and similar color scheme but wrong size under the table seperating our pits.


the lost jacket from 1155 was turned in to pit admin, so i’m told.

Team 1676 loaned out a USB drive to a team on Friday at NJ. The number written down was 219, but after checking with them, I believe that is wrong. The USB drive happened to be my personal one, a 1.0 (or maybe 2.0) GB U3 Cruzer Micro. If any team has this USB drive, please PM me or send an email at There is no critical personal information on this drive (heck, I’m 15), but I would greatly appreciate it if it would be returned.


Pit Admin collects an amazing hoard of lost items throughout a regional. You would think people would miss their laptops or camcorders, wouldn’t you? Have your main mentor contact FIRST to see what happens to all the things that are left over because they couldn’t find their owners. They may have been packed inadvertently and shipped on to the next regional that uses the Pit Admin crate.

You can also contact the event site directly - this might be good if you suspect your item was left in a more public space, like the stands or parking lot.

I’ve contacted the Arena, and spoke with the Arena’s lost and found this morning. All they have are a few hooded sweat shirts, no jackets, laptops, USB drives or anything else.

Therefore, the next step would be to make contact with the coordinator of this regional to see what else can be done or who else to contact.

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Lost and Found Items: All Lost and Found items get packed on our trucks and come back to FIRST headquarters in April. All lost item requests will be addressed after the Championship Event.

This is from the email blast sent out on 02.26.07