Help! No communication with Victors.

Here is the back-story: We were driving around yesterday with 6 talons on our drive-train and 2 victors controlling our intake and were going pretty hard until we fried our PDB board. Today, we took apart the electronics board, replaced the PDB plugged everything in and we are now having trouble with our victors.

NOTE: For all the tests- All of the talons and victors have power as the lights are solid for talons and blinky for victors.

The problem: The victors are remaining blinky orange and are not receiving signal while the talons are receiving signal and are solid orange.

What we have tried:
-We traded out victors and used ones that we know worked (took one from an electronics test panel and one from a practice robot)
-We switched the PWMs in the victors with the ones in the talons and the talons still work with those cables and those PWM spots.
-We unplugged and replugged 3 different brand new PWM cables into the victors and we got them perfectly before and know how to do the PWMs well.
-We switched the PWM slots in the code and they still do not work but when the talons are plugged in they still do work
-We made sure they are all have the right designation in code for the type of speed controller
-We spent 15 minutes on the phone with our ORNL electronic engineer mentor who suggested all the same tests that I already tried.

We are a bit panicked as we were running around perfectly yesterday and now we are completely stopped for the entirety of today. Hopefully we get a quick answer- Thank you guys!!!

Make sure that the power to the digital sidecar was plugged in again. You should have three lit LEDs on the sidecar. Failure to do that will cause erratic PWM behavior.
You could also try moving the PWM cable for one of the Victor’s to a known working PWM port, or move the other end from one of your Talons to the Victor and see if the light changes.
Do you have any idea why the PDB fried?

*If you’re still out of ideas and want to try something, you could take two pieces of 22 gauge solid copper wire (with the ends suitable stripped) and attach them to the signal and ground of your PWM cable. Then carefully plug each copper wire into the signal and ground of the Victor’s PWM input port (so you can see what you’re doing and inspect it with a good light and magnifier)… and see if the blinking orange goes away.

We ended up just changing out the creo and the digital sidecar this morning with some extras from our practice robot and now everything is working perfectly again. We are still not sure of the issue as we had all three lights on the DS and we switched the spots and wires and they all worked with the talons.

We fried our pdb 2 nights ago driving really hard and probably a short on our frame. The robot just stopped and we replaced the breaker (did nothing, no lights turned on) so we took out the pdb and now it works fine. We will play with these before our regional and try to see what went wrong wih all the components and see what is broken.

Thanks you guys!