HELP!! No readouts anywhere on dashboard

Classmate Setup:
Driver station has been updated
LabView updated to latest version (using LabView to program)
Classmate recognizes USB and E-Stop button (E-Stop button is plugged in to pc)

Hardware System:
Jaguars (we have two connected) - PWMs are seated correctly but lights are
blinking yellow
Jaguar update has not been run (cannot figure out how)

cRio -Ethernet is active on port one
Status light comes on when cRio first powered but then turns off (is
this normal?)
Ip address set correctly to team number
Running update v.19

Analog - slot 1 - solid green light
Soleniod breakout - slot 8 - solid green light

1 - CIM Motor connected to each Jaguar

Digital Sidecar - solid green lights on 5v and 6v
blinking green light under RSL

Example code is being loaded and run from the Developer account
Load the example code to the cRio it is accepted with no errors
When the example code is run all of the lines are flat even the joystick

HELP we cannot figure out what’s going on!!

Could it be that we have not run Jaguar update and if so HOW do we run the update?

When we have the Driver Station (in the driver account) open, the joysticks and E-Stop are recognized. However in the Developer account when we run (example code) and move the joysticks the readout line remains flat…

What are we missing? :confused:

In order to run your code on the Robot you need to
1:build the code,run as startup then switch to driver.
2:deploy the code from Robot main and open the DS that is in the all programs from the start menu.

Believe that is in fact what the programmer is doing but will double check in the morning to be sure (I know that he is building the code because he get’s the run and stop buttons active). If he is following these steps can you think of anything else?

Well first of all deploying the code is pushing the arrow, building is found under build specifications then right click build then run as startup, building the code puts it on the C-rio permanently(or at least till you build another). If he is running the code from robot main by clicking the arrow then he needs to open the DS while main is running to get the code to run on the c-rio.Another thing that could cause this is if he is building the code and not running it as startup.
If you describe the exact steps you are following i can help you more.

Try right-clicking the ‘Robot Main’ VI in the Project Explorer window and clicking ‘Run’ to live debug. This should download the code on your computer to the cRIO’s memory and it will run as long as that computer is connected to the cRIO and the program is running.

Then on the driver station make sure you’re enabled. [F1] to enable; [Space bar] to disable.

Could it be that we have not run Jaguar update and if so HOW do we run the update?

I think you’re referring to the Jaguar Firmware update. If so, you don’t need to worry about it unless you’re planning on using a CAN (controller-area network) interface as opposed to PWM cables from the Digital Sidecar.

For more info on CAN, check out and

Hope this helps!

Parker Lusk
Shockwave Team 1742

This is one way to do it, but it’s pretty tedious for development. What I do is simply run the driver station application from the start menu and always stay logged in to only the developer account.


If I’m at the development machine, then the classmate is running the driver station in the driver account and I’m doing all the robot code development on a separate computer.

In both cases, I don’t build an application during development. I save that for when I’m happy with the code and I want it to run each time the mechanical guys switch on the robot. :slight_smile:


Ok tried the steps proposed by BladeTech and here’s what we get:

When we run the code and switch to the driver account:

  1. Text turns blue when joystick buttons depressed
  2. Robot code (right below the team number) turns solid green

However…still blinking yellow lights on jags…

Any ideas?


good, now is there motor running code in the program?
if so check PWMs(the cable and the port on the sidecar),sidecar(try switching to the sidecar on slot six) and printer cable(the cable attaching the sidecar to the C-RIO).

WE HAVE MOTOR RESPONSE!!! Our programmer was reading your posts and banging his head against the classmate and motors and I walked to the back room to check on the mechanical when suddenly I heard motors spinning. The programmer said that there were LOTS of things wrong but had to go to tennis lesson before he could explain. He’s coming back at 9:00 (CST) so will ask him what it was and post back then.


What would we do without Delphi?!:yikes: