Help nominate FIRST for a Shorty Award!

Posted on the official [i]FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Facebook Page:

Please take a moment to nominate FIRST for a social media award in the Shorty Awards! We are currently in 4th place in the “education” category. Help us reach FIRST place by submitting your nomination here:

Don’t use Twitter? There are other ways to help us “make it loud!”

Do your part to help Make FIRST Loud! They are only 8 nominations behind 3rd place as of now!

EDIT: *FIRST *has moved into 3rd place with 74 nominations, 3 ahead of 4th place. However, that’s only half as many as 1st place currently has (148 nominations)!

EDIT 2: *FIRST *has moved into 2nd place with 107 nominations, 1 ahead of 3rd place. But we’re still 41 votes behind first place (148 nominations)! You can see the top positions here:

Voted! The great thing is since it’s via twitter, you can use multiple accounts: yours, your team’s, parody accounts* (lookin’ at you, FakeGDC!)* to vote. Let’s get FIRST a Shorty!

The current 1 position is ridiculous…

I nominate @DanaIM5 for a Shorty Award in education because… I’m too school for cool
I nominate @DanaIM5 for a Shorty Award in education because… YOLO
I nominate @DanaIM5 for a Shorty Award in education because… YOLO I didn’t do this one twice by accident, there’s like 3 of these in the last 20 minutes.
I nominate @DanaIM5 for a Shorty Award in education because… He’s a joysey gurl
I nominate @DanaIM5 for a Shorty Award in education because bc he is 5

… and so on…

I’m guessing that’s a joke nomination (not a real educator) and will probably be weeded out. Let’s keep pushing for FIRST though! :smiley: Already in 3rd with 90 nominations. I bet we can make it to first place pretty quickly.

We’re #2 by 1 vote! :smiley:

I assume you’ve nominated FakeGDC under the fake accounts category?

per the rules:

If one person controls multiple Twitter accounts, nominations can only be made from one of the accounts.

I have not! I have seen some tweets going around that some of the FIRST parody accounts have been nominated, though.

True, true - I meant more along the lines of ‘tell your team to vote, use the team’s twitter account (which I’d assume is run by multiple people)’… I certainly didn’t mean ‘break the rules’.

*FIRST *is now in the lead in Education, but only by 9 votes! Make sure to pass the word on to others to keep nominating!

A comfortable 30+ votes in the lead, congratulations FIRST! Now we just gotta make sure we don’t slow down. :wink:

FIRST is back down into SECOND by 8 votes! Keep on passing the word to raise the nominations!

FIRST came in second in the community vote. The top 4 chosen by the community (Pirula, FIRST, Joey Feith, and Quran Weekly) and 3 chosen by the nominating Board (, Ron Clark, and StudyMode) moved on to the next phase. The winner will be chosen by the Real-Time Academy and announced on April 8th.