Help - objects won't move in Max

I have a strange problem. I cannot move the last few objects added to my scene. They’re automatically created in the center, rather than where I click my mouse. I can resize & rotate, but not move. I checked to make sure the object & layer weren’t frozen & it wasn’t locked in hierarchies.

The other objects can be moved.

Any suggestions?

the only suggestion i can make is to upload the file and let people see it, cause it could be a problem specific to your computer. what OS are you running?

Is it parameter wired or controlled in some way. Upload it and we’ll see.

Here’s the file with the movable objects deleted (I didn’t want to give away our story :)).

For some reason every new object is locked in position.

i think its missing something, like a file :wink:

Yeah - I’ve tried twice to attach a file. I’ll try again. It seems simple enough: “Attach File”, “Browse” & select the file. I select my zip file (only 19k) then it’s lost when I press “Submit Reply”.

objects_dont_ (19 KB)

objects_dont_ (19 KB)

In the Motion panel, under Assign Controller, your system has assigned a Path Constraint to the object’s Position without a defined path, which is an error, so they don’t move. All you need to do is change the Position:Path Constraint back to Position XYZ.

That did the trick. Thanks Suneet!