Help On Orginizing

Hello we were a rookie tea this year and we sort of joined in the last minute so we had no time for organizing but we are now looking for ideas documents like team constitutions, code of conducts, ect. If you have any of these or any thing related to this please send them to

If you are looking for business plans, team structure ideas, etc. look in the white papers here on CD. There is a ton of great stuff.

Welcome Stagger
Here are two great resources that if followed will get you off to a great start and ahead of most team.
Spend some time and read through them and you won’t be sorry.

FRC 234 Cyber Blue Business Plan and Team Continuity Plan 2012

FRC1114 Workshops

Search “Handbooks” in the white papers in these forums. There are some great examples. Borrow what may work for your team, but be sure to credit the team you borrowed from.

Have an adult on your team join NEMO.