Help On What To Present To Judges

Hey guys could someone please explain to me or give me a link to the rules and outline of exactly what needs to be presented to the judges from inventor?

Same here can i get the rules and regulations on wat needs to be presented to the judges also! i can not find anything on it!


anyways… heres a linkto the Awards Manual; Inventor is the very first one.


As the manual says, the actual information on what needs to be submitted for both Autodesk awards was posted on FIRSTbase:

:confused: What about the design papers and dimensions? do we need those as well as anything else to present the judges?

The submission website,, has a very clear list of the files you must submit. You need to go there and read the submision guidelines, it will also tell you the judging criteria.


I suggest you read and re-read what Autodesk has on FIRSTbase on the Inventor Design Competition.

Note that the initial judging is done by a panel of experts looking at the files you upload and the design presentation on your website - you won’t be interviewed like you are for the judged awards at regionals.

Autodesk describes generally what they’re looking for on the FIRSTbase page:

The Autodesk Inventor Award recognizes outstanding student achievement in mechanical design of the team robot using Autodesk Inventor software. The software gives teams the power to test designs and check for interferences in a virtual environment so issues can be resolved without creating a physical prototype. The judges look for quality of robot design, technical expertise, and presentation of the final design.
You use your website to present your designs (usually in screenshots and animation clips), highlight how you meet the award criteria and convey how Inventor helps your team put a competitive robot on the field.

present presents to the judges :stuck_out_tongue: it might help in their decision :stuck_out_tongue: