HELP Oroville California Team Get to Competition

Hello CD Community,

I just got off the phone with the team leader of FRC Team 4643, Thunderbird Robotics. Their school is located in Oroville, CA. Currently, they could be evacuated any minute due to the Dam issues they are having. Half of their team lives in the evacuation area and so does their school containing the shop they work in. With Stop Build Day breathing down their neck, they are going to have to find another location to finish their robot to get it done in time. The major issue they are having is asking their student to fundraise or pay the funds to get them to the two regionals they were planning when they don’t know if they have a place to live tomorrow. Let’s all show them that the FIRST Community takes care of their own and make sure this team has what they need to compete this year.

Here is a link of news coverage of what they are going through.

Team 1678 Citrus Circuits would like to offer 4643 Thunderbird Robotics the use of our build space in Davis this weekend.

Saturday-Monday 9am-5pm or possibly later in the evenings now that we are approaching bag day, lunch is provided and we have a lot of food in our kitchen. I do not have an immediate idea for housing that would make it easier for you to work that far from home, but would like to work something out if possible.

I really enjoyed the chance to work with your team this last year at SVR and would love the chance to help you out again as the build season wraps up. We have just about any tool you will need and should have some time available on our CNC router. Please let me know if are interested, I know I will enjoy another chance to work with your team and students again.

Thanks for the tremendous offer Team 1678. You and others like teams like 3250, have offered their shop space to us. We’ve been learning a lot from every interacting and it has been pushing us hard.

There is an unfortunate side affect in being the team furthest north in CA, we’re a ways away from everyone else. Parents and Guardians are keeping the kids close right now, understandable so. We have a potential safe space lined up to work starting tonight in Chico. The robot will be finished…mostly…we’re pretty sure by stop build…we think.

The problem we’re facing currently is it is hard to ask a student member to raise funds for an event when they are anxious about “Is there an impending flood”, “Where do we go if it does”, “Will I be safe if we’re at school working”. This has jeopardized our plan to attend the Central Valley Regional. Hopefully that makes sense. The best way to help us get to both CVR and Sac Regional is to spread the word on our Go Fund Me page. We reached one of the goals for the page. Everything starting yesterday is not pooling for CVR.

Again, we truly appreciate the offers. Thank you!

Let us know if there is anything that we can help you with remotely in that case.

I don’t actually speak for 3250, but I have the feeling they would be glad to help where they can as well.