HELP! our website got hacked!

This is no good…
our website got hacked and the main page, and a few more were changed to something in arab…

does anybody know what can we do? We are afraid that the evaluators will try our site and end up seeing this instead of what we did…

What can we do?

you posted the link without first checking if there was a virus downloader going on?

all i can suggest for changing it back is, well, changing it back. Update all the passwords to your server, make sure your passwords are secure, make sure your server version doesnt have any security leaks or backdoors, and finally check to see if the “hacker” left any IP traces and report them to their ISP.

Delete the site, upload the backups you have, and update all server / passwords.

Only way to be sure.

Also, I personally would send an email to either your Senior Mentor or to FIRST support, asking of they have some sort of a policy (if you’re submitting this for the website award). Even though there’s a deadline, they may make some sort of exception for this. [Please note, I am not saying that they will, but I’m saying it’s worth it to talk to some people, if your site has been submitted for the award]

To all teams who have websites, also please make sure your website is registered, & the domain is paid for through this judging process period (Now until after Atlanta at least)!!!

Judging of team’s websites are currently happening as we speak!!

Contact your Regional Director(s) or Senior Mentor(s) and/or call *FIRST *as well. They have a person in charge of this particular award & it’s criteria, so they should tranfer you directly to her when you explain your situation!

What regional events are you attending / being judged at btw & what week are they in?

If you’re a week one regional, I would call FIRST now!!