Help out the Arizona Regional Planning Committee

Got this in an email the other day:

Diane W. here from the old Gila Monsters and Jag Robotics. I am currently working on the Arizona Regional Planning Committee with Carol Popovich, the Arizona Regional Director on a new and very important project.

I will be working on creating e-learning classes/workshops for FIRST. One of the stipulations that some of the grantor’s for the Arizona regional have is for us to create classes/material that can be used by teachers in the classroom.

We are reaching out to all of the teams/teachers and mentors to help us. The courses created will be used all over by teachers and by the FIRST community. We are collecting curriculum for use by FIRST teams. If you have created any robotics curriculum that you have used or now use in your classroom, or workshop material or lab material related to robotics or material that would be helpful to a FIRST team, and you want to share that information please let me know. You can help tremendously by providing content and we will build classes.

A Few Topic Suggestions: (Not limited to these though- send us anything you think is of value!)

Fund Raising
Starting a Team
Team Building

Please provide the following information about the material.

  1. Who created it?
  2. Do you currently use it in your class curriculum?
    -What is the name of the class where it is used?
    -Is there a syllabus?
    -Are there tests or quizzes?
    -How long is it (one semester, one week, etc.)
  3. If the material is not for the classroom curriculum, how is it used? (after school; during team/club meetings?)
  4. What is the format (i.e.: class material; hands-on lab material; workshop; e-learning; web site url)
  5. How would you define the topic content? (Programming, Pneumatics, Electrical Engineering, etc.)
  6. Do we have your permission to share the material?

Any other comments?

If you have content that we can use; please drop me an email or send the content to me at: [email protected]

Or send files via my website at:
Use the password: sendfilesnow

Thanks a million in advance!

Diane Weightman
Curriculum Development Chairperson
Arizona Regional Planning Committee

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