Help out the Israeli teams

Hi everyone,
My name is Or, I’m the mentor of FRC team #5654from Arad, Israel, which will participate in the Championship this year.
The Israeli teams has some problems with bringing equipment to US (for example, we can’t bring batteries).
I am gathering a list of what our teams need and I would like to know if there are teams that could bring more equipment so we could borrow it for the champs. That would really help us and we would really appreciate that!

We’d love to help. Let us know what you need and I’ll see what we can do!! Congrats on making it to world!!!

The X-Cats, team 191, should be able to help with batteries. Find us in St Louis and let’s see what we can work out.


Team 3339 from Israel has already started a thread in this forum asking for batteries, and have received commitments for quite a few. They have stated that they will share their good fortune with other Israeli teams.

That said, I am sure there will be no shortage of teams willing to help out. I am so impressed by this aspect of FIRST.

Please see Talon 540 at Worlds - we will have batteries available for you. Primary contact for you is [email protected] - Steve Ruwe - our senior mentor. Hope you have a pleasant flight to the US.

Hey jeh9037, please be aware that you are responding to a thread from last year. However, I’m sure the same teams would appreciate your offer this year.

Just another thought… It seems you could also order batteries from AndyMark and use their “ship to my pit” option before 4/26, then you could find teams willing to buy your batteries after competition for just a touch less than new cost…

I know if someone bought batteries, I would consider buying them after competition at around $70/pair. (They are $89/pair from Andymark)

Just offering additional ideas.