HELP - Please Give Us A Walkthrough On How To Compile and Transfer


I’m not really in FIRST anymore, but my old team had their programmers disappear at the last minute and now they need to know how to compile and transfer their robot code. I don’t know how the new software works and I’m out of state from them so I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a walk through on compiling and transferring.

Someone please respond to this as soon as possible. We really need your help.

Thank you,
Louis Simons
Team 528

To compile you simply press F10, to transfer to the robot you have to link the computer and robot with a programming cable, turn on programming mode and download it using IFI loader

I am assuming that you just want to use the default code. So you can unzip the default code from ifi then open ifi loader and browse to the folder where your code is there should be a .hex file already compiled for you. Then connect the programing port on the robot controller to the serial port on the computer. Turn the robot on and press the program button on the rc then hit download on the ifi window. If there is an error it is probably that you have the wrong com port selected so go and try all of them from the drop down menu until one works. If you can’t get it to work then there will be teams that will help you at your regional.