Help Please ><

I’m new to all this 3ds max stuff, and I’m trying to render what I did but in the rendered frame view it shows me just black window. Why? T.T

Do you have any objects at all in the view? It looks like its just a light to me, and there does not look like there is anything in front of the camera. I need a bit more information.

Scanline or mental ray?

If either of the two, make sure you are not using a scanline material when rendering in mental ray.

It looks like your using mental ray.
Press F10 and scroll down to select render…Then change to scanline for now
Then go to the bottom right viewport…and click on “P” - that should change you to perspective
Then make an object right smack dab in the middle…press F9 and you should see something
report back what happens

Is there anything in your “Perspective” viewport? The Rendered Frame Window indicates you’re rendering the “Perspective” viewport, but all we can see in the screen-shot are the “Top” and “Camera01” viewports.

a tip:
to maximize/change views…click on the window and press alt+w
*above post, yes he has the standard quads