Help please

okay we have our compressor wired, we turn the bot on and nothing happened. if anyone can help us our problem, please message back quickly. thanks

Just to check:

Power flow: PDB->Spike->Compressor
Signal: cRIO-> Spike via PWM
Pressure sensor attached to cRIO
If any of those are wrong, you need to fix it.

The Spike has a 20A fuse. Is it blown? Has it been replaced with a 20A Snap-Action breaker?

Has the robot been enabled with the compressor onboard?

Do you have the appropriate compressor code in your code?

1726 had a similar problem a few weekends ago. We noticed that when we pushed on the output terminals of the spike connected to the compressor, it would turn on. We took apart an old spike but we didn’t see anything wrong.

Turned out it was the new PWM cables we were using which were the problem. If you look at a new cable, you’ll see that the pins have sort of a U-shaped profile when pointed towards your eye. These connectors seemed to jostle around a little bit and lose contact with the terminal inside the spike, and when we applied pressure to the outputs of the spike the PWM would make contact.

We then switched to an old PWM cable (which have “solid” pins) and they fit much better inside the spike. After we made the switch the robot didn’t seem to have any more problems. Hope that helps!

Of course, he means “cRio –> Digital Sidecar –> Relay Output –> PWM Cable connected correctly to Spike”.
Black must be on the correct pin on both the DSC and Spike.

OK, what’s the LED in the Spike doing?
Is there software in the cRio to tell the compressor to come on when the switch calls for pressure?