help please!!!!!!

:yikes: can someone help us by emailing us simple code with one controller to control a jaguar for the speed of a motor.

What language do you use?
If you use C++ or Java, you can go into New -> Other -> WPILib Robot (java/cpp) Development -> Example Robot (java/cpp) Project and there is a selection of different templates to choose.

What you are asking for seems to be Actuators -> Tank Drive

For future reference,

  1. Please make the title of your thread more development. For example “Looking for example joystick code”
  2. Please search the rest of the forum and the screenstepsbefore posting
  3. You reference “email” but you do not give an email address. Note that users can post code on here, asking for code to be directly emailed is counterintuitive to the purpose of the forum. Ask for it to be posted here.

thank you for the input this is my first time using this site and we use labview

this (linked in my first post) is an extremely helpful asset and has answers to most questions.

We used Labview last year. Much of our code was found through Google if you know what your looking for.

There are a lot of great examples that ship with LabVIEW. If you go to the help in the menu. One of the drop downs is examples. Just type in what you need help with and I bet there is already code there.